Let Veterans Anchor Inc. be your Partner to achieve your business dream!

The opportunity to truly achieve your dream of becoming a business owner, an entrepreneur, is just a phone call   away.  Veterans Anchor Inc. can help you develop a lucrative business.

provides a national and international service that matches buyers and sellers through our wealth of contacts in the professional, corporate and investment communities. We will serve people from all walks of life. 

  • We will shape many futures.
  • We will come to you for help to buy or sell a business.
  • We will be your negotiator, counselor, marketer, broker, advisor and teacher.
  • We will stretch our creativity and draw on all of our knowledge and experience.
  • Our personal integrity will be supremely important.

YOU WILL SUCCEED. We have successfully trained people from many walks of life to become business owners. Our success stories include from CPA's, attorneys, bankers and former mid to high level management executives to previous business owners who have successfully operated their own businesses. The bottom line: we're looking for individuals with one thing in common... Desire

Business Opportunity.  More people tend to move in and out of areas; more people are desirous of earning more income; many are locked into salaried positions. Their choices? Stay and deplete savings or use those savings as a down payment on the purchase of an existing company with net earnings more to their liking. There's an abundance of sellers, too. Interest rates affect borrowing power. Fresh money and new faces are often the answer. There are countless other scenarios but the bottom line is this: “SUCCESS FOR THE BUSINESS OWNER."

OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE. We provide services that translate into tangible benefits for the investment initiatives, expansion strategies and financing of projects of buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs and franchises. We have business owners who wish to sell their company and potential buyers who wish to acquire a business. If selling your business is your priority, we will help you determine the true value of the business, and, more importantly, can help prospective buyers understand the reasons for such value and structure a sale that maximized the benefits of buyer and seller. If buying a business is your dream, we will help you find the best fitted for you; we have defined 42 business categories with over 100 sub-categories to assist our prospective buyers. You can be a proud owner of either an on-going business, franchises and investments projects to commercial spaces or investment projects.

Financial Brokering. We help to find financial assistance for clients (buyers and sellers) to complete those sales where owner financing is not available. This allows Veterans Anchor Inc. complete business sales where our competitors are unable to do so.

Franchise Sales. The sale of new franchises meet the needs of those buyers who desire the capability of starting a new business in the location of their choice. We have over 1000 franchises that allow Veterans Anchor Inc. find potential buyers.

Franchise Development. Most successful business owners have thought of franchising their company at one time or another. The trouble is, they do not know what the procedure is or who to contact. That's where Veterans Anchor Inc. comes in. We are able to take a locally successful business and transform them into a national franchise chain. We can do that at a much more reasonable price than competitors.

Q: How can our readers learn more about Veterans Anchor Inc.?
A: Just call Ruben, 1-917-567-6592 or email: GYSGTVasquez55@outlook.com for more information.

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